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What is Christmas Every Day?

Christmas Every Day’s mission is to share benevolence year round, lighten and lift heavy hearts, bring smiles to sad faces, bring comfort to those in need of hope. One gift bag of joy at a time. Our vision is to restore families and communities by continually providing essentials that will better their daily living in desperate conditions.


  • Children who have been subject to abuse
  • Children with illnesses
  • At risk teens and young adults
  • Battered mothers and children
  • Homeless and displaced
  • The elderly who can use a helping hand
  • Struggling single mothers
  • Our Veterans


Cassandra, along with her daughters and other volunteers have made and delivered gift bags.


Christmas Every Day delivers all around Chicagoland area. To shelters, retirement homes, VAs, and on the streets. Wherever CED is needed.

You can make a real difference!

Please make your tax exempt gift to someone in need today. Thank you for your support

A special Thank You to Gary Spade for your amazing generosity throughout the years.